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Square With 5ф Dome 4 Lead Warm White LEDs

warm white led

  • Model No: LL-U48W3C-W6-3C
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Certification: CE,ROHS
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Descriptions:
(1) This revolutionary package design allows the light designer to reduce the number of LEDs required and provide a more uniform and unique illuminated appearance than with other LED solutions.
(2) The low profile package can be easily coupled with reflectors or lenses to efficiently distribute light and provide the desired light appearance.
(3) The white LED which was fabricated using a blue LED and a phosphor, and the phosphor is excited by blue light and emits yellow fluorescence the mixture of blue light and yellow light results in white emission.
(4) Utilizing advanced InGaN chip technology.
2. Features:
(1) Fewer LEDs required.
(2) Low profile.
(3) Lowers lighting system cost.
(4) Super flux output.
(5) Viewing angle=80°.
(6) Emission color coordinates: X=0.43, y=0.40.
(7) The product itself will remain within RoHS complaint Version.
3. Applications:
(1) Automotive exterior lighting.
(2) Electronic signs and signals.
(3) Special lighting application.

Specification :

1. Model No.: LL-U48W3C-W6-3C. 2. Chip material: InGaN. 3. Lens color: water clear. 4. Source color: warm white. 5. Power dissipation: 190mW. 6. Luminous intensity: 2200mcd. 7. Forward voltage: 3.30V.

Superiority :

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Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
5 pcs/ Item
Per Delivery Quantity :
5 pcs/ Item
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Delivery Time :
7 day(s)

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