Ta Fu Shing Merchandises Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of bicycle trailer jogging strollers, pet strollers, cargo vans, KD furniture, step ladders & aluminum foldable table in Taiwan. Acquired TUV/GS and ASTM approvals & patents in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

Main Products

(1) vehicles- bicycle trailers, foldable trailers, cargo vans. (2) baby products- baby strollers ( buggy, buggies), baby jogging strollers, baby jogger, twin strollers. (3) household appliances- ladder step stools, step ladders. (4) furniture- K D furniture, laundry stands, aluminum ( aluminium) tables. (5) animal products & pet supply ( supplies)- pet strollers ( joggers).