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Simplex Rewinder Lathe Rewinders For Special Adhesive Tape

multi functional equipment for special adhesive tape

  • Factory Location: China
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Suitable for double-side tape/ Kraft paper tape/ Masking tape/ Foam tape/ PVC and Cloth tape.
2. Combined function of rewinding and cutting,with manifold usage that can save investment.
3. Scratching cutting and manual feeding of cutters with smooth cutting section.
4. Equipped with cutting eidth gauge for quick and stable positioning.
5. Main shaft adopted with stepless adjusting electro-magnetic slip,motor to suit cutting requirement of different materials.
6. Equipped with length counter that can automatically calcullate the rewinding length and stall the machine when necessary and this facilitate operation.
7. The smooth roller is coated with teflon to fully prevent glue adhering.
8. The curved rubber roller,facilitae adjustment,surety high quality of the products.

Specification :

1. Vaild width: 1300 mm 2. Cutting width: 3-1300 mm 3. Inside diameter of paper core: 32-76.2 mm 4. Maximum diameter of cutting: 150 mm 5. Motor: 3 HP

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