Ningbo Golna Parts Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturers and exporters in the home appliance components, including washing machine spare parts, refrigerator spare parts, air conditioner spare parts, vacuume cleaner spare parts, heater spare parts, etc.

Main Products

home appliance components & parts- (1) automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, vehicles) components, auto parts, auto part- air conditioner spare parts, thermostats. (2) refrigerator spare parts- compressors, fan motors, guard grids, metal rings, fan motors, defrost timers, bi metal ( defrost thermostat), thermal fuses, defrost heaters, frame & wire heaters, overload protectors, relays, thermostats, fan blowers & blades, bulb holders, door switches, starting capacitors, condensers, evaporators, refrigerant. (3) washing machine spare parts- speed reducers, P shafts, pulleys, pulsators, leather cups, dryer brakes, couplings, spin inner tubs, motor pulleys, wash motors, spin motors, capacitors, spin & wash timers, magnet coils, water & magnet pumps, synchronous pumps, water valves. (4) air conditioner spare parts- thermostats, overload, relay, capacitors, selector switches, condensers, evaporators, axial fan motors, brackets, fan blades, motors, water pumps, compressors. (5) vacuum cleaner ( canister) parts, heating thermostat, vacuum cleaner motors. (6) fittings- pressure meter & meter valves, latch hinges, refrigeration solid, copper & brass products.