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Auto Vacuum Shaping Machines
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  • Product Description:
    1. The machine is an automatical "heat pressure" shaping machine. The so-called "heat presure" shaping is to lead plastic film to process of shaping by means of "heat" and "pressure".
    2. The plastic film whic...
Automatic Sealing & Hot Shrink Packing Machines (L-Type)
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  • Product Description:
    1. This machine is designed with automatic conveyance. Work-pieces conveyed to the shrinking machine automatically after processes of sealing & cutting finished.
    2. The sealing & cutting control is by use of instantanceous heating. Speedy s...
Skin Packaging Machines
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  • Product Description:
    1. The machine ins quite similar to vacuum shaping machine in functions, used to directiy pack articles by principle of heat pressing.
    2. Vacuum suction will make the transparent film which has been heated first tightly attached with exquisite-prin...