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Diverse Models In Automatic Sliding Door and 90 Degree Swing Operator.


Automatic Door Sensors

automatic door sensor

  • Model No: GR-520DC
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

When hit obstacle or someone failure situation, the door would be returning back. The feature is highly increasing the safety for coming people and reach the clip situation and accessories damage are not happened. It is easy and convenient to open the doors when power failure. The resistance of door sliding wheel are, women and kids are easy open the doors when power failure. The power of open and closure are only below 4.5kg. It is very safety.

Specification :

1. Door weight: (1) Single: 150 kg x 1. (2) Twin: 30kg x 2. 2. Door open width: (1) Single: DW=2 meters ~ 6.4 meters. (2) Twin: DW=2 meters ~ 8.0 meters. (3) Motor: DC24V 70W brushless motor. 3. Power consumption: 14W ~ 35W. 4. AC power source: from ac80 ~250v acceptable (switching power).

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