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Silicon And Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers


  • Model No: DF005S THRU DF10S
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Df005s thru df10s.
2. 50v to 1000v glass passivated bridge or silicon rectifier. (surface-mounted)

Specification :

Mechanical data: 1. Polarity: as marked on body. 2. Weight: 0.02 ounces, 0.38 grams. 3. Mounting position: any. 4. Maximum rating and electrical properties: 5. Maximum recurrent peak reverse voltage (vrrm): 50 to 1000v. 6. Maximum rms voltage (vrms): 35 to 700v. 7. Maximum dc blocking voltage (vdc): 50 to 1000v. 8. Maximum average forward rectified current at ta: 40 degrees celsius i(av): 1.0a. 9. Peak forward surge current: 8.3ms single half sine-wave super imposed on rated load (jedec method) (ifsm): 50a. 10. Maximum forward voltage at 1.0a (vf): 1.1vdc. 11. Maximum dc reverse current at tj: 25 degrees celsius at rated dc blocking voltage at tj: 125 degrees celsius (ir): 10 / 500ua. 12. I2t rating for fusing (t: < 8.3ms): 10.4a2s. 13. Typical junction capacitance per element (note 1) (cj): 25pf. 14. Typical thermal resistance (note 2) (rja): 40 degrees celsius / w. 15. Operating temperature range (tj): -55 to +150 degrees celsius. 16. Storage temperature range (tstg): -55 to +150 degrees Celsius.

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