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Fiber Optical Pigtails

fiber optical pigtail

  • Model No: FC SC ST PIGTAIL
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Jye Kuano's fiber pigtail / patchcords and ultra reliable devices featuring.
2. Low insertion loss and back reflection loss.
3. The Fiber Pigtail / Patchcords come with your choice of simplex of duplex cable configurations and various types of pigtailing and connector terminations to meet your requirements.

Specification :

1. J61011 ST 62.5/125um. 2. J61012 ST 50/125um. 3. J61013 ST 9/125um. 4. J61014 SC 62.5/125um. 5. J61015 SC 50/125um. 6. J61016 SC 9/125um. 7. J61017 FC 62.5/125um. 8. J61018 FC 50/125um. 9. J61019 FC 9/125um. 10. J61020 LC 62.5/125um. 11. J61021 LC 50/125um. 12. J61022 E2000/APC 9/125um. 13. J61023 E2000 9/125um.

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