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New Paper Cutting Machines

paper cutting machines

  • Model No: LG-P1
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Style: Floor platform.
2. Extreme width of paper-cut: 550mm.
3. Extreme thickness of paper-cut: 95mm.
4. Cutting mode: Adopt hydraulic cutting mode-accurate, quiet & clear-cut.
5. Pressure controls: Adopt hydraulic pressure regulation, can meet anypaper types from 30kg/cm2 to 120kg/cm2.
6. Illumination device: Features the lighting installation around the cutting area.
7. Supplementary lighy device: For exact cutting, also provides supplementary light indicator.
8. Computer memory capacity: Maximum memory of 9 groups, and features 8 times cutting per group memory.
9. Numeric display: Provides liquid crystal numeric display and lends precision in paper sacles to 0.1mm.
10. Control button: Not only feature with "fast & slow forward / reverse" "micro start & stop", but also feature with math operations such as minus & time.
11. Speed-setting indes: Micro fast & slow forward, micro fast & slow reverse.
12. Safety operation: For paper cutting, use both hands to push control buttons at the sme time, and start machine as desired, if there is any one of the both hands release the button, the cutter will stop suspended, the press plate also will reverse backward by itself, insure worker's safety.

Specification :

Specification550 (21")
ACutting Thicknessmm/inch95 (3.74")
BCutting Widthmm/inch550 (21.65")
CCutting Lengthmm/inch550 (21.65")
DFront Table Lengthmm/inch450 (17.71")
ETable Heightmm/inch900 (35.43")
FTotal Machine Lengthmm/inch1350 (53.14")
GMachine Widthmm/inch960 (37.79")
HMachine Heightmm/inch1350 (53.14")
Electrical Supply As required
Main MotorKW(HP)(1.5) 2
Paper Feeding MotorKW(HP)0.1875 (0.25)
Net Weightkg320

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