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Detail Information

Description :

1. Methamidophos is an organophosphate insecticide.
2. Crops grown with the use of methamidophos include some Latin American rice. Many nations use methamidophos on crops, including developed nations such as Spain, US, Japan, and Australia.
3. Methamidophos is used in great quantities in ricefields in China. Rice–fish culture is common in the southern parts of China as well as in many other rice-producing countries (e.g., Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines). Brown rice (unpolished) in this study contained double the concentration of polished rice. Both plants and animals did not degrade the pesticide well, and fish for human consumption in these cases contains methamidophos in concentrations roughly similar to brown rice.

Specification :

1. Methamidophos 73% tech. 2. Methamidophos 60% (ethylene glycol). 3. Methamidophos 60% (methanol). 4. Methamidophos 60% (isopropyl alcohol).

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