Teh-Hsin-Cheng Technology International Co.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of gift & promotional items, including cloisonné lapel pin, cloisonné jewelry, cloisonné enamel which combine with consumer electronic productions fine jewelry 14K gold & white gold with diamond or gemstone, earring rings, and pendant, etc. OEM & ODM orders are welcome.

Main Products

gift ( giftware, giveaway, promotional, premium item)- (1) metal badges- photo etched, tie bars ( tie-bars), lapel pins, stamping brass, stamping emblems, stamping soft enamels, key rings, cloisonné lapel pins, brass door signs. (2) cloisonné- car badges, ball pens, thimbles, tubes, cloisonné jewelry, pendants, earrings, ornaments, jewelry boxes, ashtrays, magnifying glasses, hoses, Chinese unicorns, cloisonné enamels, emblems. (3) jewelry- 14KT pendants, jewelry boxes, 14KT rings, cloisonne jewelry. (4) Buddha pictures.