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Established in 1985, Chyi Ching industry Co., Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing high precision plastic injection molds, and is recognized by the plastic injection molding machine manufacturers and molding industries as a dependable mold maker. Since the establishment of the company, Chyi Ching has always followed its policy of constant upgrades in mold making technologies and manufacturing facilities in order to keep pace with the latest technical advances, and provide maximum service for our customers. Under the company's policy, we have designed and manufactured high performance, high accuracy plastic injection molds, operating on many famous brands of plastic injection molding machines around the world. Today, Chyi Ching continues to work hard at the leadership of mold making technology. Chyi Ching maintains a thoroughly experience engineering staff in a position to solve customers' problems related to plastic injection molding. We also continuously improve our mold making capability to face the challenge of precision molding.

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Chyi Ching Industry Co., Ltd.