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  • Model No: CRC82
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

* Colours: Red, Orange, Green, Blue (combination in photo is standard; for other combinations, please contact us)
* Lens: Acrylic resin with superior weather resistance and light translucence.
* Sound level: Max 80 dB/m
* Colour combinations can be easily changed.
* Various types of information can be easily changed.
* Various types of information can be displayed by using different colours controlled by several (1 to 3) external signals.
* This model contains open-collector type NPN, PNP transistor which allows direct connection to Programmable Controller.
* Emits intermittent electronic buzzer sound together with rotary flash; buzzer can be operated from one to all layers
* Buzzer sound; intermittent pee-pee sound.
* This series has Flashing, Flashing with warning sound type according to operation methods.
* For details information, please refer to selected guide.
* Vibration Resistance:10~55HZ Frequency,0.5mm amplitude in Y direction for 40 minutes.
* Shock resistance 500m/s acceleration (approx.50G)in Y direction for three times.

Specification :

StyleRated VoltageWattageModelWire type
Flashing LightFlashing Light
With Warning Sound
1 LightDC 12V6WCRC82-BB0B-11CRC82-BE0B-11Power source
Lead wire
DC 24V12WCRC82-BB0E-11CRC82-BE0E-11
AC 110V8WCRC82-BB0M-11CRC82-BE0M-11
AC 220VCRC82-BB0N-11CRC82-BE0N-11
2 LightDC 12V11WCRC82-BB0B-21CRC82-BE0B-21
DC 24V24WCRC82-BB0E-21CRC82-BE0E-21
AC 110V16WCRC82-BB0M-21CRC82-BE0M-21
AC 220VCRC82-BB0N-21CRC82-BE0N-21
3 LightDC 12V16WCRC82-BB0B-31CRC82-BE0B-31
DC 24V35WCRC82-BB0E-31CRC82-BE0E-31
AC 110V23WCRC82-BB0M-31CRC82-BE0M-31
AC 220VCRC82-BB0N-31CRC82-BE0N-31

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