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New Capacitive Proximity Switch


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Detail Information

Description :

Capacitive proximity switches consist of an RC-oscillator with a special multi-part sensing electrode. The electrode and the oscillator circuit have a tube connected with earth potential for lateral shielding. This enables flush mounting of the sensor in metal, since the electrical field is only present in front of the sensing electrode. This field is the active zone of the sensor.

When the conductive material is removed from the active zone, the oscillator is undamped and the oscillation amplitude decreases. The amplifier of the oscillator voltage and the sensitivity of the sensor can be altered by the built-in potentiometer.

The middle electrode together with the built-in re-coupling gives very effective compensation under conditions of humidity, dust or icing. Special circuitry automatically compensates for these influences. The preset sensing distance remains nearly constant. The electrode design, along with the compensating circuitry of capacitive sensors, is a unique design, and provides performance advantages far superior to other capacitive sensors.

The capacitive switches may be used to limit the level in tanks and containers. The contents may be fluids, pulverized or granulated materials such as PVC powder, dyes, flour, sugar, powdered milk etc. Further applications are as end and limit switches for checking and regulating machinery setting, (even if the materials are non-metallic as in conveyor belt positioning and material stacking); checking drive belts and paper reels for sag and tear. Additionally they may be used as detectors for counting metal and non-metal components.

Specification :

Actuating MaterialSensing-distance
Compared to a surface of water
Square steel plate (100x100x1)20101510
Round Steel Plate (30 X1)11642
Stone (marble)188.585
Lupulin granulate 1800H832.5Head approx. 2mm immersed
Polystyrene 454H9.5341
Hostalen GC 8960H8.21.52Head approx. 1mm immersed
Hostyren8.233Head approx. 1mm immersed
BM scrap material (Z)6.71.41Head surrounded
Hostalen GC coarse powder821.5Head approx. 3mm immersed
Styropor unfoamed8.1330.5
Antimony-trioxide6.20.92.5Direct contact

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