Seng Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

The company specializes in I.Q.F, condensers for air conditioning and buses, evaporators, air dryers, refrigerated condensers and evaporators for special purposes, cold water coil for multi-storey buildings, oil heat sinks and special heat sinks. Except for the standard specification, we also accept customers' requirements and design heat exchangers of all kinds. Thanks to the high-quality product control, the professional design ability of the company has earned the good reputation from customers and ISO 9001 certification.

Main Products

Manufacturer of refrigeration & air conditioning cooling equipments, individual quick freezing condensers units, low & medium temperature unit collers, hi humidity & cake cabinet unit collers, condenser & evaporator, air conditioning condensers, buses condensers, refrigerated condensers, outdoor condensing units, special purposes evaporators, air dryers, multi store building cold water coils, oil heat sinks, sheng fengs, collars.