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Single-Stage Directly Motor Coupled Vertical Reducers

single stage directly motor coupled vertical reducer

  • Model No: BE SERIES
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Worm gear reducer is transformed from manual, to semi-automatic and to fully automatic nowadays. It plays an important role in the industry. By combined with various motors, gear-changers, break clutches, conveyors and all kinds of transmission accessories, utilizing gear type and gear number to change speed, computing output torque, and load, labor intensive era is transformed into machine intensive era. The use of transmission products brings human life into a more time-saving, labor-saving and efficient new era! It is suitable for all kinds of applications in our daily environments, including the applications in terms of food, cloths, residences, education, entertainment, even the applications involving agriculture, industry, business and home use products. For example, the blender and electronic mixer in food machines, chocolate melting machine in 5-star hotels, food delivery elevator in restaurants, the turn around sushi delivery belt in Japanese restaurants, ice maker, knitting textile machine, transmission system in cashiers, delivery elevator, transmission systems in all kind of woodworking machines, transmission systems in agricultural machines, parking elevator in department stores, automatic dormer systems in gardens, fence systems in residents, railways and parking towels, snow shovel machines used in Europe and US, scooters for the elders and handicap people……etc.

Specification :

Standard reducers can be divided into two types: single-stage and two-stage type; it can also be classified by its posture as vertical or horizontal types. We have motor-coupled vertical type, double-flange type; hallow type, brake clutch type, belt variable transmission type, double lead type and two-stage worm gear reducer. Size from 40# to 250# has fixed tooling. Other extra-large sizes or specification in inches ones we can make it by customer’s requests to customize. We will accept designate and special materials, ratio, and special design for specific applications. Welcome your inquiry with drawings or call us for further discussion. We believe the differentiation of products could make our products more valuable and competitive. If you need our services regarding worm gear, gear, shaft, rack, umbrella gear, spiral shaft and other transmission parts. We will be happy to provide the professional services for you.

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