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Variable Transformers

variable transformer

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Simple in design, small in structure, slidac transformer adjusts AC voltage to the minute degree continuously throughout the range. Efficient heat dissipation is a special feature.
2. The carbon brush contact does not wear in the frequent voltage adjustments. Since the contact is contiguous, it creates no spark, thus induces no resistance particles to current.
3. The axis handle is made of best synthetic resin to ensure positive insulation against leakage.
4. Best parts and material are used after years' research and experimentation from every aspects. The coils have withstood specifications, and will never burn out.
5. Application: automatic voltage regulator: applying for products testing in industry or schools, related instruments testing. Torque motor controller: applying for all kind of rolling operation, tesion rollong and tesion regulaion.

Specification :

1. The specially treated magnetic core, being light and small, is very efficient in performance. 2. Acquired patent No.099819, No.093351 and No.161618. Several patents are in the progress of application. 3. When using slidac for special purposes, please consult us beforehand.

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