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Handle-insert Cutting & Sewing Machines

cutting and sewing machines

  • Model No: JLCSHM-32
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

* The woven cloth can be automatically hot-cut off at a fixed length and sewing at the bottom, thus saving the labor strength.
* The drive is transmitted from a servo-motor to assure the accurate control of the sack length.
* The hot-cut sacks are free from sticking and easy to open.
* Handle-insert system could insert & sewing the handle at the bags automatically.
* The machine can be operated either in an auto mode or in a manual mode. And the machine will come to a standstill automatically at the time when the cloth web is finished.
* The payoff motion of the cloth web is actuated pneumatically. So, the machine is easy to operate.

Specification :

a. Diameter of unwinding cloth: 1200 mm(max) b. Width of unwinding cloth: 400-800 mm c. Cutting length: 500 - 1300 mm Adjustable d. Accuracy: ± 2 mm e. Folding width: 20 - 30 mm. f. Production Output: Depend on sewing head g. Sewing Unit: New Long easy open style h. Stitching Range: 6 - 12 mm i. Cutting Knife: Flat High Quality Alloy Steel heat Cutter with cold cutter j. Bag Mouth Automatic Open Device: 1 Set k. Edge Position Control: 1 Set l. Mark Sensor: 1 Set m. Bag Handle Device: 1 Set n. Air Compressor: 3 HP o. Fabric Feeding: Servo Motor with Control system p. Tranfer Device: Servo Motor with Control system q.Electric Consumption: 10 kw r. Dimension (LxWxH): 6,000mm x 4,200mm x 1,350mm s. Weight: 3,000 KG

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