Ho Chiun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industrial Machine Part & Components.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Ho Chiun has " High precision! High complex! High accuracy atolerance!" machine parts & components part, turning parts, CNC turned parts.forming stamped parts,casting parts ,metal parts. Assembly work- casting parts, press parts, plastic & rubbers parts, etc. Products are exported to all of the world. OEM orders are accepted.
1. Established in 1978, Ho Chiun have rich specialized experienced over 20 years in the manufacture of precision turned CNC parts for OEM applications worldwide...all of the world.
2. Main of product :OEM ( machine parts , turned parts ), especially high complex , accuracy and smallest tolerance turned parts .
3. We also offer a wide range of assembly work -( forming stamped parts, casting parts ,press parts , plastic & rubber parts , mold manufacture , any metal parts manufacture ) heat treatments, grinding and plating.
4. The CNC machines can produce material bars of outer diameter about Ø1mm ~ Ø100mm. Material - brass, aluminum, steels, plastics, stainless steel ... etc.

" High precision! High complex! High accuracy tolerance!"

Main Products

Manufacturer of optical fiber parts, office machine parts, champagne screwdriver (wine accessory), hydraulic tools parts, pneumatic tools parts, telecommunication equipment parts, medical treatment equipment parts, art parts, shaft parts, electronics parts, probe parts, conduct spiral shaft, casting parts, press parts, OEM molding, plastic & rubber parts, machine parts & turned parts, stamping parts,die casting parts, wine accessory, game machine parts, sheet metal parts.