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LAN Card Modules

lan card module

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Detail Information

Description :

1. E-Mail:
It adopts SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to complete the e-mail function. By way of this, user can deliberately send out the e-mail with authentication or not, when the certain of the inverter events happened.
2. Executing command file:
Define your own actions for each inverter event. The Solar Control-for-LAN Card will perform actions according to your definitions. The actions include saving files, broadcast, etc.
3. Inverter information:
The LAN card allows you to view the information and status of the inverters locally or remotely. An event log file which contains all inverters-related events, such as power failures, shutdowns, power recoveries, etc. A data log file which is collecting electrical parameters, inclusive of input voltage, output voltage, output frequency, temperature, etc.

Specification :

Description: 1. With these PCM inverters, the LAN card (box) provides you with reliable and easy-to-use network management functions. 2. LAN card uses the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to monitor the inverters. By this way, it can drive the inverters become the standard network management device. Hence the user can remotely control and get the condition of the inverters via general web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Browser, etc.) as easily as surfing a web site. 3. In addition, we provide the full-fledged Solar control-for-LAN Card to satisfy the PV system management requirement, like “one PC to many inverters” or “different PCs to one inverter” (figure 1) certainly the basic functions like e-mail, notification, log file, executing command file, shutdown the OS, reset the inverter, etc. We all support.

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