Gear Driving System Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industrial Machine Parts & Components Supply.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of industry machine parts & components supply, including linear actuators, gear boxes, motors, gears, BBQ rolling equipments, vending machinery gearboxes, servomotors, worm plastic gears, helical plastic gears, mental gears, etc. OEM & ODM orders are accepted.

Main Products

industry ( industrial) machine ( machinery) parts & components supply ( supplies, supplier)- actuator, linear motors, worm plastic gears, helical plastic gears, pinion plastic gears, spur plastic gears, bevel plastic gears, noise elimination gears, crown gears, belt gears, clutch & safety ( safe) gears, screw nuts, planet gears, mental gears, gear boxes ( gearboxes), linear actuator, linear motor, gear motors, BBQ ( barbecue, barbeque) rolling equipments, vending machines ( machinery, machineries) gearboxes, servomotors ( servo motors), servo motor.