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Mold Repair Laser Welding Machines

mold repair laser welders

  • Model No: W300BF
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Make up for traditional ARC welding, cold welding in shortage of surface fine welding, avoid the distortion and depressed in surrounding site. Can seal on narrow part, and patch weld on deep-recessed part, without damage surrounding. No burning surrounding when fine patching weld in corner. Special gas protected, patch weld part and backing cannot be blue oxidation. Industrial control or manual control, work piece move freely, suit for any curve welding.
2. Application: by concentrating the instance high heat energy generated by laser, wires are put to the damaged parts on the mould to integrate them together. After burnish the surface of integrated part, mould is been repaired. Hence, laser welding series for mould repair can effectively repair sand hole, track, broken corner, attrite side, seal marginal and damage parts.

Specification :

Specification: 1. Model type: W300BF. 2. Max. average laser output power: 300W. 3. Max. laser output power: 6KW. 4. Max. laser pulse power: 60J/ 10ms. 5. Laser medium Nd: YAG. 6. Laser wave length: 1064nm. 7. Wave type Num.: 50. 8. Pulse width: 0.1 ~ 50ms. 9. Pulse frequency: 1 ~ 20Hz. 10. Positioning repetition precision: ±0.02 mm. 11. Feedback control mode: CFCS currency feedback control system. 12. Laser pumping cavity: imported ceramic reflecting cavity. 13. Laser pumping source: Pulse Xe lamp. 14. Electricity requirement: 380V/ 50Hz/ 40A. 15. Laser oscillator consumed power: 12KW. 16. Positioning mode: MOTIC microscope, CCD monitor. 17. Light valve type, crystal light valve, light filter. 18. Cooler consumed power 3P: 3P. 19. Cooling mode: Han’s 3P or 2P. 20. Dimension(mm) (1) Laser oscillator: 1480 x 610 x 11000. (2) Worktable: 1550 x 1000 x 1350. (3) Cooler: 810 x 570 x 805. (4) 3D worktable motion range (mm): 100 x 100 x 500. 21. Worktable loading: 300kg. 22. Laser oscillator weight (kg): 760. 23. Cooler weight (kg): 140.

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