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New Laser Welding Machines

laser welding machines

  • Model No: MOLD 301
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. 360°rotating of the welding head, facula adjusting by hand-moving.
2. MOTIC microscope & liquid-crystal light valve protector.
3. Professional motion control system to achieve 3D moving by the industrial control rocker.
4. Real-time currency feedback system to ensure the stability of the laser power.
5. Multiple-degree moving control to support wide application range.
6. 1064nm laser wavelength, human harmless.
7. Small heat-effect area, no distortion and stomata.
8. Can repair crack, burst corner, die edge, and wearing seal edges.
9. Entirely sealed control cabinet and optical path.

Specification :

1. Max. average laser output power: 300W.

2. Mas. peak power: 6kW.

3. Max. laser pulse power: 60J/ 10ms.

4. Laser wave length: 1064nm.

5. Wave type num: 50.

6. Pulse width: 0.1 ~ 50ms.

7. Pulse frequency: 1 ~ 200Hz.

8. Repeating positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm.

9. Power voltage: 380V/ 50Hz/ 40A.

10. Power consumption: 12kW.

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