Chyau Ke Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Chyau Ke Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 and has devoted in the development, innovation and design of hosiery, protecting-pad and shoe-insole as well as the related products widely and our main service purpose is to provide the best service of OEM and ODM to the customers in all over the world. We have registered our own brand of " TOURIST ® " in Taiwan and marketed it locally for more than 10 years and have obtained the good and positive reputation by the consumers in the field of functional products. Now is the time we step out to find the aggressive business partners in overseas as well as in China to become our agents or sales representatives to keep going on our business concepts of producing top quality, innovating fresh items and providing the best service to make the profitable and reliable business continuously.

Main Products

Manufacturer of hosiery, socks, health hosiery, shoes insoles, healthy care sock, bamboo charcoal sock, anti mildew & gem hosiery, absorbing moisture & emitting sweat hosiery, antimicrobial protections, kids foot care hosiery, silk socks, amino acid socks, functional socks, diabetic sock, outdoor sock, football sock, golf sock, travvel sock, yoga & aerobic sock, men's dress sock, leisure sock, low cut sock, half toes loafer sock, indoor socks, midcalves sock, pantyhose, fashion nylon sock, fashion anklets, toes sock, warm sock, school socks, babies socks, shoe insoles, underwear & gilets, protection sleeves.