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Power And Telecommunication Transformers

power and telecommunication transformers

  • Model No: N/A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Dimensions in mm (inches): A, B, C ±0.5, D, E, FIG.
2. Approvals: UL/CUL/TUV/CE.
3. Applications: transformers, coupling, switching, modems, drives, chokes, telephones, NET, telecommunication, inductors, filters.

Specification :

1. EFD-12): terminal pins=8, A=6, B=11, C=20 ±0.5, D=3, E=13.5, FIG=2. 2. EFD-15): terminal pins=10, A=7.3, B=18.2, C=21.35 ±0.5, D=2.5, E=15, FIG=1. 3. EFD-15): terminal pins=10, A=7.5, B=19.3, C=22.6 ±0.5, D=3, E=16.7, FIG=2. 4. EFD-20): terminal pins=10, A=9.4, B=25.3, C=27.7 ±0.5, D=3.75, E=21.7, FIG=2. 5. EFD-20): terminal pins=12, A=9.7, B=24, C=26.8 ±0.5, D=3, E=20, FIG=1. 6. EFD-25): terminal pins=10, A=13.4, B=29.7, C=35.4 ±0.5, D=5, E=25, FIG=2. 7. EFD-25 ): terminal pins=10, A=12.6, B=29.7, C=31.5 ±0.5, D=5, E=25, FIG=1. 8. EFD-30): terminal pins=12, A=12.6, B=31.6, C=35.3 ±0.5, D=5, E=30, FIG=2. 9. Customized designs are accepted.

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