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Metallized Film Capacitors

metallized film capacitors

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Detail Information

Description :

1. The products of CKX X1, X2 that made in Taiwan and China are both approved by many international safety standards such as UL, CSA, VDE, SEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO, satisfying customers' high quality requirement.
2. Rated voltage: 250 / 300 VAC, 50~60 Hz.
3. Capacitance range: 0.0047μF~6.8μF.
4. The dielectric of CKX capacitors are made of METALLIZED. POLYPROPYLENE FILM(MPP) that imported from Germany.
5. Self-healing property.
6. Less dissipation factor TANδ(%).
7. High insulation resistance.
8. Good solderability.
9. High stability of temperature.
10. Small volume.
11. Flame-retardant plstic case and epoxy resin(UL94V0).
12. High ability of flame-resistance.
13. Good airtightness and High moisture-resistance.
14. Lead for use in line bypass, antenna coupling, across-the-line and spark killer circuits.
15. Business appliances such as: computer host, display and moniter, power supply, MOTOR, UPS.
16. Household appliances such as: mixer, coffee griner, lamp, fan, TV circuit, video recorder, DVD player, IA.

Specification :

CKX specifications: 1. operating temperature: -40℃~+100℃. 2. Rated voltage: 250/300 V.AC, 50~60Hz. 3. Capacitance tolerance: J(±5%), K(±10%), M(± 20%). 4. Withstand voltage: (1) Between terminals: 1200VAC, 60Hz or 2200VDC, 1~5sec. (2) Between terminals and case: 2200VAC, 60Hz, 60sec. 5. Dissipation factor TAN%: (1) ≦ 0.1% at 1KHz, 20℃. (2) ≦ 0.3% at 10KHz, 20℃.

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