Golobemaster Technologies Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electronic, Electrical Parts & Components.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts & components, including card connectors, connecters, cables assemblies, CF & SD cards, TF & XD cards, 1394 connectors, USB connectors, jacks, temperature controls, etc.

Main Products

Offering more than 200 kinds of products and creating 30 new products annually to meet your needs (1) card connectors- 1.8 inch HDD, adapter ( adaptors) cards, all in one cards, memory cards, CF & MS cards, SD & SM cards, smart cards, TF & XD cards. (2) electronic connectors- 1394 connectors, mini USB connectors & adapters, USB connecters. (3) DC jack, earphone ( ear phone) jacks, RCA & scart jacks. (4) USB cables, cable assembly ( assemblies). (5) temperature controller ( controls).