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Far Infrared Sake Bottle And Sake Cup Sets

far infrared sake bottle and sake cup sets

  • Model No: BEAS-T1
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Sake is Japanese traditional wine; even someone called it is Japanese national wine. Sake is one kind of variety beverage, and it is also suitable for a delicious dish. People can enjoy it any season.
In spring, people can see cherry blossoms and enjoy good sake and delicious dishes. In summer, people have a barbecue and ice sake to go with staple food. In winner, it will be enjoyments to have hot sake when eating hot pot.
We create this far infrared sake bottle and sake cup for people with great taste so that they can enjoy health care and taste good wine both.

Specification :

The inside elements of far infrared sake bottle and sake cup are extracted from high energy mineral and plants of nature. No matter it is sake or the other wines, you will taste the best mellow and luscious wine as long as you pour sake or wine into the sake bottle or sake cup and wait for 3-5 minutes. This product can help to reduce and eliminate the acrid and spicy taste of the wine and show its nectarous taste for wine buff.

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