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SD And MMC MP3 Players

mp3 players

  • Model No: WIN-9000
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. No built-in flash, external memory card (SD card & MMC card for option), flexible capacity upgrade from 16MB to 2.2GB.
2. Portable storage function, the player can store any files downloaded from PC.
3. High quality playback from American audio IC.
4. USB interface high speed data transfer.
5. LCD blue backlight mode display.
6. A-B repeating function within a single key.
7. 4 EQs (Jazz, Rock, Classic, Normal) for selection.
8. Music format: MP3.

Specification :

1. IBM PC, compatible with desktop / notebook or Mac computer with USB port. 2. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.X/x, Linux 2.4.x.

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