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Auto Shrinkable Label Inserting Machines

auto shrinkable label inserting machines

  • Model No: RBX-300
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Shrinkable label inserting for drinks, cosmetics, medicine, daily consumables, and widely used in various types of containers and materials (such as: plastic, glass bottles or PVC, PET, PS containers etc.).

Specification :

1. Production speed max.: 300 bottles/ min. 2. Label thickness: 0.035mm - 0.13mm. 3. Label inserting length: 30mm - 180mm. 4. Label material: PVC, PET, OPS. 5. Bottle diameter: 35mm - 125mm. 6. Bottle height: 60mm - 320mm. 7. Bottle shape: round, square, ellipse, rectangle. 8. Power consumption: 220/ 380 VAC 1.5-2.5KW. 9. Shrink tunnel capacity: 15 - 25KW.

Features :

1. User friendly touch panel: Chinese and English user interface for easy control and operation of the system.
2. PLC control system ensures reliablility, stability.
3. Integrated with extra high efficiency shrinking tunnel assures superior labelling quality.
4. Fast and convenient change over of different materials specifications, without the use of specific tools.
5. The machine employs international standard disposable cutter to reduce costs.
6. Constructed mainly with stainless steel and alumium profiles: stable and reliable, compact and elegant, easy for maintenance.

Superiority :

1. Suitable for various bottles (such as round, square, elliptical and etc.) of different sizes and shapes.
2. Forced insertion design offers accurate & fast film-wrap positioning.
3. Minimum film thickness is down to 0.035mm.
4. Accommodates film rolls with core sizes of 5 inches to 10 inches with variable adjustment.

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