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CO2 Laser Marking Machines

co2 laser marking machines

  • Model No: CO2-H10
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Good performance
2. PC driven software with high power and improved beam quality. Permanent marking withstanding to abrading and corrosion.
3. Temper Proof
4. Water/chemical/oil grease/fuel proof. Withstanding to scuffing; impacts and corrosion; retaining appearance and contrast as long as base products remain intact, all those unique characters cater to the special requirements of Tamper Proof Labels.
1. Simple fully-programmable software with auto-coding capability makes for consecutive sequence codes like time, data, batch codes, bar codes as well as text and graphics, and full on-screen representations of marking job layouts permits easy alteration of parameters and adjustment to customized requirements.
Powerful & flexible:
1. Main components from companies with internationally advanced technologies, reliable around-the-clock performance with high throughput.
2. Operation and modification is simple with the PC driven software controlling system under windows98 in Chinese, English and Arabic, which is compatible with various out put software, including AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, and photoshop etc.
3. It also supports diversified text formats, including PLT, PCX, and BMP etc. And SHX, TTF with auto-coding capability allows consecutive sequence codes like batch number, traditional bar codes, two-dimensional matrix codes, time and date, any style lettering and pictures etc., all can be done with complete flexibility.
1. Gift, organic glass, dress, leather, wood, paper, packaging and electric elements, etc.

Specification :

1. Technical data: (1) Max. laser power: 10W. (2) Wave length: 10.64µm. (3) Repeat frequency: ≤20KHz. (4) Max. marking/cutting scope: 70mmX70mm. (5) Marking depth: ≤2mm. (6) Line speed: ≤7000mm/s. (7) Min. line width: 0.05mm. (8) Min. size of character: 0.20mm. (9) Repeat precision: ±0.01mm. (10) Consumed power: 300W. (11) Requirement of power supply: 220V, single phase, 50Hz, and 3.5A. 2. Characteristics of spare parts: (1) Laser tube. (2) Manufacturer: U.S.A. (3) Output power: 10W. (4) Mode quality: TEM00 95% Purity, M2 < 1.5. (5) Rise time: <90μs. (6) Power stability: ±80%. (7) Polarization: linear (vertical). (8) Cooling: air. 3. Scanning system: (1) Manufacturer: GENERAL SANNING, U.S.A. (2) Scan motor: VM2000. (3) Standard mirror size: 9.5mm or 15mm (M2). (4) Cable length: 12inches, 1m, and 2m. (5) Output shaft: optimized for either 9.5mm or 15mm mirror. (6) Thermal control:733. (2)  Max. Set point ≤50℃ (reduces the gain and offset drift). (7) Heat sink: ≤100℃. (8) Servo controller: mini-SAX driver (designed by GS). (9) Deflect angle: ±140. 4. Computer: (1) CPU: leron RAM: 128MB. (3) HDD: 40GB. (4) FDD: SONY 1.44MB. (5) SVGA: 15” color monitor. (6) D/A convertor: DAT2000 (designed by Han’s Laser). (7) AGP card: 8MB. (8) System interface: Windows 98. (9) Controlling software: HL2000 (designed by Han’s Laser).

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