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Bathroom Scales
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  • Product Description:
    1. Body content measurement: fat, muscle, water, bone density, BMI, and calories.
    2. Able to save 10 user's data for 30 days.
    3. USB jack allows uploading or downloading information from PC.
    4. Perpetual calendar with alarm clock.
    5. All ...
Super Thin Body Scales
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  • Product Description:
    1. Maximum weight capacity: 180 kg/ 400 Lb/ 28 St.
    2. Minimum weight resolution: 100 g/ 0.2 Lb/ 1 Lb.
    3. High strength tempered glass table-board.
    4. Power on / off by sensitivity of stepping.
    5. Automatically return to zero / switch-off function...
USB Body Fat Scales
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  • Product Description:
    1. perpetual calendar with alarm clock.
    2. Interchangeable unit of measurement ( Kg/ Lb/ St).
    3. 10 groups of data can be saved.
    4. 3 key-press: UP/ DOWN/ SET.
    5. USB jack can link the scale with PC which allows user to upload or download informa...