Jaws Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electronic Connectors


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts & components since 1975, mainly producing wire harness, connectors, cables, board to board connectors, cable assembly, cable assemblies, SD card connectors, box headers, power connectors, USB connecters, IC sockets, mini dins, SMD card connectors, etc. Obtained ISO 9001 certificated in December 2001.

Main Products

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components supply ( supplies)- (1) connectors, connector- board to board connector, board to board connectors, wire to board connecter, wire to board connecters, wire to wire connector, wire to wire connectors, FPC & FFC connecter, FPC & FFC connecters, CF & SD & MS & SMD card connector, CF & SD & MS & SMD card connectors, mini SD card connecter, mini SD card connectors, 4 in 1 & 5 in 1 card connector, 4 in 1 & 5 in 1 card connectors, ribbon cable connecter, ribbon cable connecters, slot connectors, slot connector, d-sub & power connecter, d-sub & power connecters, PC board connectors, PC board connector, centronic & USB connector, centronic & USB connectors, PCB connectors, connector terminals. (2) wire and cable, jumper wires, cable assemblies, cable assembly- cable, cables, wire harness, wire harnesses, pin header, pin headers, single row, single rows, dual row, dual rows, triple row, triple rows, male & female headers, female headers, mini jumpers, mini jumper, IC sockets, IC socket, dins & mini dins, din & mini din, IDC sockets, IDC socket, latch headers, latch header, box headers, box header, board spacer, board spacers, mini USB.