Great Lamp Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of safety, security systems and products, include IR cameras, CCTV cameras, quad processor, DVR, IP cameras, video servers, portable products, CCTV lens, monitors, night CCTV cameras, dome cameras, spy products, speed dome cameras, PIR cameras, waterproof security cameras, etc..

Main Products

safety ( security, surveillance) cameras, systems, equipments & accessory ( accessories)- (1) CCTV products & equiments- CCTV housing, CCTV security systems, day and night CCTV cameras, CCTV camera security systems, CCTV security cameras, CCTV security & surveillance systems. (2) b & w cameras, box cameras, camera systems, day and night cameras, exview cameras, hidden spy cameras, home security cameras, industrial cameras, IP security cameras, color cameras, dome security cameras, mini cameras, night vision cameras, PIR cameras, standalone DVRs, mobile DVR, embedded DVR, fire security systems spy products, video multIPlexers, weatherproof security cameras, access control security systems, autos ( cars, automotives, automobiles, vehicle) security systems, peed domes, speed dome cameras, china security systems, detection intrusion systems, home security camera systems & security equipments, IR cameras, mini digital video cameras, CATV, information security, intrusion detection systems, IR illuminator, pinhole cameras, RFID security systems, ecurity alarm systems, security barriers, security control equipment systems, security tracking systems, wireleess home security systems, board cameras. (3) surveillance systems accessory ( accessories)- dome housings, surveillance monitors, crowd control stanchions, CCD camera lenses, CCD lens, pan tilts, camera filters, camera housings, photoelectric sensor, camera parts, digital camera lenses, optical lens cleaner.