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Manufacturer of Electronic Cooling/Warming Bed Mattress And Seat Cushions.


Leather Semiconductor Cooling And Warming Cushions


  • Model No: GR01-L01
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The cooling/warming seat cushion witnesses marked improvement on driving fatigue, waist and invertebrate discomfort and hemorrhoid, etc. and is as well provided with special effect of non-medicinal physiotherapy. While driving, the seat cushion feeds off directly the smoke lighter; while no driving, the battery can have a continuous power supply of 4 to 6 hours, with no impact on the auto starting. For use in office and family, the seat cushion uses the specialized power adapter of the company for power, which saves power a lot.

Specification :

1. Machine power: 60W±10%.

2. Voltage: DC12v/24v.

3. Frequency: 50-60Hz.

4. Noise: below45db.

5. Environment temperture: 0-50℃.

6. Use life: above 1000hours.

Sample Information

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USD 0 / Unit
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3 day(s)

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