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Stainless Steel Oxygen Sensor Housings (Forging Products)

stainless steel (forging products)

  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Not only the best OEM choice but also a good JDM partner.
2. Allowing coil turn into forging part through these processes such as cutoff, preform, upset, forward extrusion, backward extrusion, piercing trimming etc.
3. Forging capability:
(1) Cutoff diameter: max. Ø42mm.
(2) Cutoff length: max. 250 mm.
(3) Enabling to achieve outer diameter Ø36mm, length 96mm, Ø24mm penetrating hole forming.
4. Offering the process such as forging, turning, heat treatment, grinding, plating and laser marking.
5. Major products are deep socket, piston pin, crank pin, roller, bush, spacer, special nut, fastener special parts, aluminum parts, copper alloy parts, stainless parts etc.
6. Involving in Micro Forging field and focus on cutoff diameter Ø1.3~Ø3mm which uses Micro Multi-stage Former to manufacture the net shape products.

Specification :

1. Cutoff diameter: max. Ø42mm. 2. Cutoff length: max. 250mm. 3. Multi-stage Forming + CNC turning can save the material substantially.

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