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Metal Angle Beads

metal angle bead

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Detail Information

Description :

1. Angle beads are particularly suitable for using in forming straight edges and exterior corners when plastering for arises and columns. They're widely regarded as indispensable to plastering operation. Using appropriate angle beads eliminate the need for fixing and removing timber battens, thus increase efficiency and quality for plastered columns & beams.
2. Generic name: metal angle beads for plaster.
3. Metal angle bead, forming a true straight arris that will not easily crack, provides a function to replace timber battens on plastering operations. The expanded metal wings ensure that the bead is securely anchored in the correct depth of plaster on either side of the arris. It protects and reinforces plaster for wall beams & corners where are the most vulnerable to chip crack.

Specification :

1. Galvanized steel: SK-50; SK-25. 2. Stainless steel: SK-50S; SK-25S. 3. Length (mm): 2500 / 2700(mm). 4. Qty / box: 50 (pcs). 5. In addition to the above-mentioned specification, we offer customized services, size as customer's demand.

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