Circle Science

Manufacturing Safety Grab Bars & Children Tricycles


Company Introduction

Circle Science Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading designer/manufacturer of entertainment pipe tube bending, children bike, grab bar and senior toys products. We consistently introduce innovative, value best products for bike, grab bar, and toys. Our value product, is now including best brand in he world market. Learn more about CSECL and our products by visiting our web site at here. Get the best–with CSECL!

Since the founding date of CSECL, the company has achieved distinction by supplying a varied range of tube, pipe bending and bike parts products. This has been made possible through diligent devotion to the company's guiding principles of "Trustworthiness, Integrity and Quality Service." Our company offer various technique、reasonable prices and faster service.

Please contact us by e-mail, FAX etc. to see how we fit your sourcing schedule. Our dedicated technical staff will provide you with more information about us and our products.

Main Products

1. children tricycle.
2. Safety Grab Bar.
3. Senior Toys.
4. Outdoor Activity.
5. bicycle stands.
6. ODM pipe bending service.