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WiFi Speed Dome Media IP Cameras

wifi speed dome media ip cameras

  • Model No: PL808WA
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Whenever and wherever possible, the long-distance to video is controlled:where is no matter, the long-distance video to control the business of company equally too, let your business all in grasping; control the operation of the company, warehouse, chain retail shop in real time through internet (ADSL, ETHNET, CDMA1X ), it is you that devise strategies at the headquarters the indispensable tool.
2. Avoid the installation software to control long-rangly:long-range PC to controlled, does not need to install the special-purpose software in addition, meida player is broadcast in direct, is easy to use.
3. Broadcast in real time, long-range recode:broadcast in real time through topsee player, long-range recode, keep the valuable video passage.
4. The media serve, many people to visit at the same time:inlaying media server in the TS8xx series products, does not take any servers, it is all right for many people to flow in the media to long-rangly control at the same time.
5、Password authentication:land to control and manage for long-rangly, there is only the latest situation that you grasp the company.
6. Not needing network special line, the expenses are cheap:TOPSEE- TOPSEE series of products have strong network functions, let you pass the low-priced access mode (dynamic ADSL, broadband ), set up and belong to your own special-purpose video network.
7、Long range to control: cloud rotate from up to down anyway, optical zoom, preset a bit.

Specification :


1. Interface of the network (video is exported):a standard RJ-45 socket of 10Base-TX with indicator led, the video exports of the interface.

2. Procotol: RTP, RTSP, UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP (client), web server, TELNET (client), FTP server, PPPOE, PPPD, NAT, DNS, DDNS (dynamic DNS).

3. ADSL modem supporting: PPPOE, supports dynamic IP address; DDNS (dynamic DNS).

4. Cable modem supporting: DHCP (client), supports dynamic IP address; DDNS (Dynamic DNS).

5. Relevant addresses of the network are revised: IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server IP, MAC address, obtain an IP address.

6. Dynamic IP analyzing: DDNS (dynamic DNS).

Picture sensor and scene:

1. Picture sensor: 3.6mm(H) x 21.7mm(v), 1/4’ SONY CCD.

2. Live image having results: 752(H) x 582(v).

3. Horizontal definition: 470TVL.

4. The minimum intensity of illumination: 1.0Lux.

5. SNR: greater than 50dB.

6. Diaphragm: adjustable.

7. Focus:adjustable.

8. Length of focus: F4.1-73.8mm.

9. One time of rates: 18 times optics x 12 times of electrons become burnt.

10. adjustable.


1. Input the voltage: AC 220V. 2. Control system of temperature: the warm accusing of device and circulation fan are put inside.

3. Consumption: rated power 12W.

4. Running environment: 0°C ~ 50°C. 5. Store temperature: -20°C ~70°C.

6. Relative humidity: 10%~90% in relative humidity, has not condensed.

7. Size:133 x 222mm (H).

8. Weight:about 5kg.

9. Shell material: serious load plastics protect outer cover, iron cast support, polypropylene 6 inches of balls cover.

Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
Per Delivery Quantity :
1 pcs
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Delivery Time :
15 day(s)

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