Shenzhen Powtele Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Consumer Electronic Products.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of consumer electronic products, include portable media players, digital photo frames, MP4 players, MP3 players, audio & video products, LCD digital photo frames, portable HDD players, etc.. ODM and OEM orders are quite welcome.

Main Products

consumer electronic (electric, electrical) products- (1) portable media player, portable media players ( PMP), LCD portable media players (player), portable multimedia player, portable HDD players, HDD players, HDD media players, HDD multimedia players, hard disk players, HD players, HD DVR, HD DVR manufacturers, HD DVR players, hard disk media players, hard disk players, digital PMP players, portable video players. (2) gift (giftware) items- digital photo frame, digital photo frames, picture frames, digital picture frames, LCD digital photo (picture) frames, OEM & ODM photo frames, digital photo & picture albums, custom picture frames, electronic ( electric) photo & picture frame (frames). (3) MP4 players, MP4 player, MP3 players, advertising players, digital MP4 players, China (Chinese) MP4 players, custom MP4 player (players), OEM MP4 & MP3 players, Taiwan MP4 & MP3 players.