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High Speed Grinding Machines

high speed grinding machines

  • Model No: FE-10/FE-14
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Professional designed motor and grinding stones could be dismantled and cleaned without stress.
2. Grinding Stones are held up by stainless screws and nuts with 3-point adjustment. The gape between Grinding Stones could be adjusted easily and would never rust. The machine will never bread down due to rusting and increase the cost on repairing o3. The unique design of grinding stone could fasten the bean-grinding and fine rice-grinding.
4. The machine is qualified for international standard of CE, UL, CSA, and ISO09002.
5. Perfect for making soybean milk, rice paste, capsicum paste and the fine grinding of various beans, rice other foods.

Specification :

1. Model NO.: FE-10. (1) Input (bean): 250-400 Kgs/Hr. (2) Input (rice): 320-400 Kgs/H. (3) Weight: 96kgs. (4) Power: 7.5HP. (5) Size: 609x426x1269 mm. 2. Model NO.: FE-14. (1) Input (bean): 400-600 Kgs/Hr. (2) Input (rice): 500-700 Kgs/H. (3) Weight: 142kgs. (4) Power: 15HP. (5) Size: 717x646x1416 mm.

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