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CNC Heavy Duty Lathes

cnc heavy duty lathes

  • Model No: PL-975
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. The highly rigid, thick, and solid main body of the main shaft box can ensure the best stability when doing heavy cutting.
2. It has gone through the dynamic equilibrium rectification after the main shaft and the gears cooperate with on each other to ensure the stability at high rotational speed.
3. Utilizing C-shaft system to do the main shaft high precision positioning, cooperating with the power turret, a lathe can have the multiple functions of lathing, milling, and drilling at he same time.
4. The main shaft uses the UN bearing structure. Under high torque force and high load, the output presents excellent stability; at the same time, it can bear the high load. To show the heavy cutting function, the main shaft structure shaft structure of high rigidity and high precision is indispensable.

Specification :

Capacity: 1. Max. swing over bed: 975mm. 2. Max. swing over carriage: 1400mm. 3. Max. tuming length: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000mm. Spindle: 1. Spindle nose: ASA-A2-11. 2. Spindle bearing diameter: 122m/m. 3. Spindle speed: 5-1000 RPM. 4. Spindle stage (gear box): 2. 5. Spindle power: 18.5KW (20HP), 22kw (30HP)(OP). 6. Hold through drawtube: 110mm. Carriage: 1. X-axis travel: 480/630mm(OP). 2. Z-axis travel: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000mm. 3. X-axis rapid traverse: 8m/min. 4. Z-axis rapid traverse: 8m/min. 5. X-axis server motor: 2.1kw. 6. Z-axis server motor: 3.8kw. Tailstock: 1. Quill diameter: 120mm. 2. Quill travel: 150mm. 3. Quill taper: MT NO.6. Bed width: 660mm. Turret: 1. Turret No.: V8 or H4. 2. Tool shank: 32 x 32mm. 3. ID tool shank: 63mm. Control: FANUC, MELDAS. Machine weight: 1000mm (8000kg), 2000mm (9000kg), 3000mm (10000kg), 4000mm (11000kg).

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