Solomon Goldentek Display Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established as one of LCD/LCM pioneers in the greater chinese economic area, Solomon Goldentek Display Corp. (SGD) has been devoting itself to seeking for the promotion of a comprehensive design & manufacturing solution for the flat panel display industry. Currently, its core businesses consist of the development, design, manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of TN/STN/FM LCD panels/modules used in a variety of high-value added electronic applications. Having pledged to become a world-class LCD/LCM manufacturing solution provider, SGD, following the completion merger of Solomon LCM Division and Goldentek has well positioned itself to compete in the display industry as a key global player. Bearing the commitment "Your Window to the Digital World", SGD creates its value propositions in providing the best service to its customers through its efficient production processes, worldwide marketing network, outstanding technical support, and smart inventory management backed by the computerized resource system. SGD is well poised for profitable growth and productivity in the 21st century. Its fully integrated state-of-the-art LCD/LCM production bases in both Taiwan and Mainland China have given SGD a unique cost advantage over its competitors. The tremendous demand for its products is expected to enjoy continuous rapid growth as the digital world keeps the strong trend toward smaller, thinner, and user-friendlier electronic devices.

Main Products

electronic ( electric, electrical) products, computer & PC peripherals- STN LCD & FSTN LCD & DSTN LCD panel & module, TFT & CSTN & LCD modules, LCD panels, flat LCD panel, STN & LCD display modules, graphic LCD modules, character LCD modules, backlight LCD modules, small LCD module, custom LCD & layout modules, custom layout LCD & panels, TFT LCD module, TFT display LCD module, display module, LCM, TN, STN, FSTN, DSTN, black mask, COG, TAB, SMT, COB, heat seal, TFT, color LCD & STN module, CSTN module, black mask LCD, custom made modules, liquid crystal displays, custom ( customized) Lcd, standard LCD modules, custom designed twisted nematic ( TN), super ( STN), film ( FSTN) flexible print circuit board ( FPC), character display modules, lcm groups, lcm displays.