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the brake line pipe benders

  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Brand: SOCO
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: ISO,CE
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The SOCO SB-Oil Tube master is a dedicated CNC Brake Line pipe bender (tube bending machine), designed for small tubing, especially Bundy Tubes and hydraulic lines. With multiple electric axes and a unique design to allow bending the most complex shapes and parts, it offers the most advanced solution and performance in its range.
1. Maximum working area = minimal interference:
(1) No interference with machine bed.
(2) No conventional bending arm.
(3) No pressure die and wiper die seat interferences.
(4) Central clamping and rotation away from bending zone.
(5) Overmode (Arm Return Mode) capabilities.
2. Software:
(1) May program up to 50 bends per part, with on-screen 3D part display.
(2) Data entry for both XYZ and YBC coordinates.
(3) Overmode (arm return mode) offers flexibility to offset each bend and avoid 3 bending interferences.
(4) Integrated automatic bending compensation and reverse engineering of bends.
4. When connected to CMM Measuring systems: connection to local area network ( LAN ) ( optional ).

Specification :

1. Automation: (1) 3 Electric axis controlling tube bending, tube rotation and carriage movement. (2) Automatic bending head reversal (left-to-right) when reaching central clamping area, providing a fully automatic cycle for the entire bending process. (3) Optional automatic loading and unloading interface. 2. Performance: (1) Centralized clamping and rotation system for true simultaneous moving of all axis. (2) Lowest cycle times because minimal number of moving parts. (3) Suitable for brake line tubing up to 4000 mm (optional 5000 mm). (4) Unparalleled speed.

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