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5 Axis CNC Proportional Servo Tube Benders, Pipe Bending Machines

pipe bending machine

  • Model No: SB-90x5B-1S/2S
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Brand: SOCO
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: ISO,CE
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. CNC proportional servo pipe bending.
2. 5 axes pipe bender with O.D.90mm capacity.
3. 5 individually programmable axes.
4. Programmable 2 speeds + early mandrel extraction.
5. SOCO proprietary control software with IPC & Touch Screen.
6. Individually controllable pressure die assists for each bending stack.
7. Built-in wiper die, pressure die and clamping die seats.
8. High accuracy and repeatability (+/- 0.1mm & +/- 0.1° for all axes).
9. Ability for 1D bending (*).
10. High performance and high speed.
11. Single and multi-stacks models.
12. Automatic mandrel lubrication system.
13. Centralized greasing and lubrication system for all sliding areas.
14. SOCO bending simulation and collision detection software (optional).
15. Depending on tube OD and elongation ratio.
16. With models that extend up to Ø90 mm capacity, the SOCO CNC tube bender 5 axes line brings the optimal tube bending solutions for the automotive, trucking, buses, healthcare, boiler, ship building and other industries.

Specification :

1. 5 servo electric / proportional servo controlled axes: (1) Feeding. (2) Rotation. (3) Bending. (4) Horizontal movement. (5) Pressure fie assist. 2. SB - 90 x 5B - 2S: CNC tube bender with capacity up to Ø 88.9 mm and equipped with 5 individually programmable axis and 2 stacks of tooling.

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