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Extreme Speed Tube Cutting And Deburring Systems ( Circular Sawing Machine And Deburring Machines )

circular sawing machines

  • Model No: SA-76NC + BDB-70
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Brand: SOCO
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: ISO,CE
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. SA-76NC can connect to BDB-70 double tube ends duburring machine. Besides the high speed cutting functions of SA-76NC, SA-76NC + BDB-70 has extreme speed in cutting, even has high speed in loading, feeding, transporting and deburring. The powerful and competent cutting line is capable of cutting various shapes of profiles such as round tube, rectangular, square and oval tube. 2. Smart controlled Sensor for going and stop.
3. Hand wheel Adjustment for adjusting depend on tube length.
4. Transportation and 360° deburring.

Specification :

1. As well as the working capacity of SA-76NC + BDB-70, the round tube can up to 80mm, and square tube is 70 x 70mm. 2. The working process is from loading, feeding, cutting, deburring, and tube collecting. 3. Extremely high speed cutting line. The average cutting cycle times are 2.5 ~3 seconds. 4. Standard with BTM (bundle loading magazine -6.5 meters). 5. i2 ® ( intelligent interface ) system for automatic recommendation of RPM and cutting speed with minimum number of settings. 6. Cutting Lengths up to 2 meters. 7. The round tube capacity can up to Ø 80 mm tubing. 8. Automatic separation of first and last cut vs. working pieces. 9. First and Crop Cuts down to 20 mm. 10. Servo controlled cutting and feeding system. 11. 3 ~ 5 minutes setup time between most tube sizes. 12. Safety covers for operational safety and minimizing noise levels. 13. 1 or 2 length stoppers with digital length readout (optional).

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