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25mm Crop Lengths And High Speed Solid Bar Cutting Machines

solid bar cutting machine

  • Model No: SA-70NC-S
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Brand: SOCO
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: ISO,CE
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The new SOCO SA-70NC-S sawing machine incorporates the newest technology with unparalleled functions. This revolutionary innovation brings you the shortest crop length available in the global market: 25mm (SOCO Global Patent). With capacity up to 70 mm in tube cutting, it is guaranteed to bring you continuous savings and production.
1. TCT saw blade for solid bar cutting.
2. HSS saw blade for tube cutting.
3. Floating feeding carriage.

Specification :

1. Savings: (1) 25mm – the shortest crop length of any machine available in the market (SOCO global patent). (2) With the shortest crop lengths, the SA-70NC brings maximum material savings and more production. (3) Using a thinner and smaller TCT saw blade, there is lower initial investment in blade and long-term savings in material. (4) HSS Saw blades may also be used, with standard built-in settings and cooling system, for even more savings on tube cutting. 2. Performance: (1) TCT saw blade for maximum speed and performance in tube and bar cutting. (2) Superior speed: O.D.40mm Copper solid bar, L = 56.5mm,cycle time is 3.7sec. (3) Long blade life: Superior design provides “ 0 ” backlash and unparalleled saw blade life. (4) Accuracy and precision: a. Electric servo feeding. b. Floating feeding carriage to ensure precise feeding and cutting lengths. c. Cutting length precision: +/- 0.05 mm ~ +/- 0.1mm. (5) Oil-mist + water based lubrication system for saw blade. (6) 6.5 meters tube and bar loading magazine. 3. Software: (1) Touch screen operation interface. (2) SOCO recommendation system for ideal settings based on material and cutting requirements.

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