Vigor Acoustics Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Speakers Supply.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of speakers, including PA speaker, multimedia & TV speaker, Hi-Fi speaker, ceiling & in-wall speaker, car speaker, home theater speaker, etc. Obtained ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification through all staff's corporative efforts. OEM orders are welcome.

Main Products

1. Electronic (electronic, electric) speaker components and parts- PA speakers (public address speakers), professional speakers, car speakers, car subwoofer speakers, Hi-Fi speakers, woofer speakers, subwoofer speakers, horn speakers, siren speakers, tweeter speakers, ceiling speakers, in wall speakers, wall speakers, outdoor speakers, Mylar speakers, super tweeter speakers, loudspeakers, speaker OEMs.

2. Electronic (electronic, electric) speaker products- multimedia speakers, home theater speakers, Hi-Fi speakers, mid range speakers, iPOD speakers, outdoor and indoor speakers, audio speakers, floor speakers, flat speakers, MP3 and MP4 speakers, portable speakers, guitar speakers, garden speakers, phone speakers, mini speakers, USB speakers, monitor speakers, LCD speakers, TV speakers, micro speakers, stereo speakers.