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Automatic Flat Bed Label Printing Machines

auto flat-bed label printing machine

  • Model No: PUVHLNCT-170
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Machine easy to operate.
2. Maintenance is simple.
3. Excellence and precise printing quality.
4. Second pass printing is Exquisite.
5. Computer control.
6. Auto Oil supply system.
7. Less machine parts consume.
8. Stable used for long time operate.
9. Machine can print with UV type ink and normal type ink.
10. PLUVNCT-170 is design for the small label used. Its printing speed is 12000/hr, during the fast speed condition yet; accurate and fairly steadiness small and exquisite machine body suit a variety of factory.
11. PLNCT-170 could select moveable UV dryer make the machine can exchange to print two different type of printing ink to promote the used scope of the machine.
12. The second pass unit let the label colour even more rich with all other function makes it is a lot more convenient and its utility.

Specification :

1. Printing style: flat bed printing. 2. Printing plate resin letterpress plate /zinc /copper. 3. Printing color: amount 4colors. 4. Max printing area: 2 colour 150mm x 140mm and 3 colour 150mm x 72mm. 5. Printing area 150mm x 240mm. 6. Max. Feeding length: 170mm. 7. Max pulling paper length: 240mm. 8. Printing speed: 12,000/hr. 9. Max die-cut size: 170mm x 140mm. 10. Max hot-stamp size: 170mm x 72mm (3 colour). 11. Max reel paper diameter: 500mm. 12. Max lamination diameter: 200mm.

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