Fu Shun Hsing Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Emergency Stretcher, Transport Stretcher, Trauma Stretcher, Electric Stretcher

No.9-6, Alley 7, Lane 471, Chung Shun S. Road, Yung Kang Dist., Tainan City 71088, Taiwan

Company Introduction

At Fu Shun Hsing Technology, we design and manufacture innovative medical transport stretcher and hospital bed products. Some companies boast. Other companies just keep quiet – and they make great products. Fu Shun Hsing Technology is this type of company. Quiet and focused, Fu Shun Hsing Technology makes great products. You won’t see the company in the Wall Street Journal. But you will see the product at quality medical supply shops around the world. There’s more interest in Fu Shun Hsing today than ever before, simply because Fu Shun Hsing Technology gives customers what they want: Product quality, competitive prices, and excellent backup support. In today’s world of image, Fu Shun Hsing is rare. The company has grown steadily by doing one thing, and doing it well. From the Asia market, you’ll see Fu Shun Hsing Technology products. And that’s the best advertisement there is. Obtained ISO9001, 2000, 13485 certificates, we always hold our principle to provide the clients with the excellent product quality and the best service with the very competitive price in the market.

Main Products

Manufacturer of multi treatment transfer trolleys, emergency stretchers, transport stretchers, LED caution lights, electric emergency stretchers, Trauma & electrical stretchers, hospital working carts, hyperbaric oxygen (O2) movable special & diaper exchange baby trolleys, kids nursing beds, electrical wheelchairs, over bed tables, treatment beds, emergency & transport trauma and electric stretchers, electric hand control for electronics & diaper exchanging baby pushable beds, anesthesia & drug change carts, history & drug carts, us dose trolleys, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, stainless steel treatment tables, ambulance & manual emergency stretchers, semi electric hospital & adjustable hospital beds, OEM & ODM, etc.